Statement by Raphael A. Collazo

Raphael Collazo, 1984

For me, the present is not just today.
It is the sum of everything I have seen and felt and read before, plus today.
Now is the oldest age, a hundred years older than 1884,
for instance; not the newest.

Older is better.
We are not in a capsule of the present.
We are living for all time.
That is how I live in my paintings.
This cumulative experience is missing
from the truncated lives in which we trap ourselves
by trying to be new.
A work of art frees us from this tortured circumstance.


The above explicates Collazo's statement for the announcement card, Recuerdo (I Remember): The Paintings of Raphael Collazo, Art Lobby, New York, September 29-December 31, 1984, extended through April 18, 1985, curated by Ernest Acker-Gherardino.

The announcement card statement (in an abbreviated form) also appears in the catalog of a later, group exhibition: Some Trends in Puerto Rican Art Today, Broadway Gallery, Passaic County College, Paterson, New Jersey, October 25-November 14, 1984, curator unknown, in which the artist showed Reality Being Too Thorny for My Great Being, Italy For You and That Accelerating Rate of Change (ArtSpeak, New York, November 1, 1984).

Thus, along with the reference to "a hundred years older than 1884", the above Statement by Raphael A. Collazo most likely dates from November or December of 1984.